Something only Shimano can produce.

The pride and tradition of SAKAI's
metalworking utilizes the most advanced technology.

  • The history of SAKAI's metalworking goes back to the 5th century, also known as the Kofun period. This technology of swords, kitchen knives, guns, and other precision metal tools have been handed down in Sakai from generation to generation. This has been evolved overtime to be used in the manufacturing of bicycle components. In 1921, Shimano Iron Works, our predecessor, opened their doors. Since then, the combination of history and tradition of SAKAI's metalworking has given us the most advanced technology possible, which has allowed us to achieve one innovation after another. The photo at right is “Bantam” which was released in 1979. This was the start of the history of our uncompromising reel manufacturing. At Shimano we pursue the potential that only metals are capable of. “HAGANE” embodies the philosophy that has been passed on in Shimano's reel manufacturing and this forms the basis of our technology.
  • Inside view of Shimano Iron Works from around 1925
    Inside view of Shimano Iron Works from around 1925

Knowledge-based design
concept for purpose-built reels.

  • HAGANE is Shimano's reel design concept which aims at “eternally smooth reeling.” We've taken our unique metalworking technology, including precision cold forging, to extreme levels in pursuit of the reels that only we can produce. Shimano reels, with their impressive smoothness and overwhelming strength, backed by the HAGANE concept, have been the favorites of discerning anglers for years. The more you use it, the more you realize the value of HAGANE. These reels truly reflect Shimano's unflinching determination and commitment to excellence.

Shimano's technology
drives the HAGANE concept.

Reel manufacturing based on the HAGANE concept is supported by the unique metalworking technology that Shimano has developed over the years. The precision cold-forged “HAGANE Gear” is tremendously strong and durable from the edges of the teeth to the root of the gear. The “Micromodule Gear System” provides seamless reeling through the engagement between the super-refined teeth. The “X-SHIP” system achieves powerful and smooth cranking thanks to the gear system that is designed to effectively transmit input power. The highly rigid “HAGANE Body” eliminates distortion as well as flex during reeling and protects the interior of the reel from unexpected impact. By integrating these representative metalworking technologies, Shimano gives you the feeling of smooth reeling that is unique to Shimano reels. The more you use the reel, the more you realize the value of HAGANE.

  • Micromodule
  • X SHIP


Precision cold-forged gears symbolize Shimano's metalworking technology.

  • Unlike with hot forging, Shimano's precision cold forging technology, in which metal is compressed at room temperatures, achieves excellent precision and strength. The HAGANE Gear is produced by applying about 200 tons of pressure to the raw metal. This technology involves no cutting work to forge a
    high-precision gear with micron accuracy in a single process, and this is unlike any other in the world. Such quality deserves to be called “transformed metal.

Transforming raw metal into precision gears

  • High densityMetal gets densified with 200 tons of pressure.

    HAGANE Precision cold forging
    Precision cold forging
    Casting (zinc die casting)
    Casting (zinc die casting)

    A comparison between a cross section of the precision cold-forged HAGANE Gear and that of a cast gear (zinc die casting) clearly shows a difference. Unlike the casting in which the raw metal is melted and then poured into a mold, the precision cold forging results in higher crystal density, with little space among crystals. This process is the main reason why we can produce tougher gears.

  • Extreme hardnessGear is exceptionally strong due to uninterrupted metal flows.

    HAGANE Precision cold forging
    Precision cold forging
    General machining
    General machining

    Metal flows refer to the flows of the metallographic structure. Precision cold forging, which does not involve machining the gear tooth surfaces, does not interrupt the metal flows. The gear, with its metal structure preserved along the processed shape, is highly resistant to impact and exceptionally difficult to break.

  • Exceptional smoothnessSmooth gear tooth surfaces enable long-lasting rotation.

    HAGANE Precision cold forging
    Precision cold forging
    General machining
    General machining

    On the surfaces of a machined gear, there are minute flaws and projections which cause metal fatigue. On the other hand, there are virtually no irregularities on the surfaces of the HAGANE Gear. Even after repeated reeling over a number of fishing seasons, the gear hardly generates any noise and continues to reel smoothly.


Micromodule gear enables smooth reeling.

  • With the gear teeth super-refined to the limit, the “Micromodule Gear System” enables seamless engagement and power transmission. The System, without compromising strength, reduces noise and provides you with far better sensitivity. You will be able to sense even the most subtle strike from a fish. The highly accurate engagement of these gears is protected by the HAGANE Body, a metal reel body with high rigidity. A combination of the precise gears and the rigid body makes eternally smooth reeling possible.


X-SHIP, precision gearing system enables smooth yet strong reeling.

  • The X-SHIP system enables smooth reeling even under heavy loads. Shimano's unique mechanism for robust gear engagement uses an enlarged drive gear, optimum positioning of the pinion and drive gears, and two-point support of the pinion gear whose ends are supported by bearings. This is shown to be proven even when you are fighting very large fish, and the X-SHIP system efficiently transmits the input power, enabling powerful reeling.


The highly rigid “HAGANE Body” protects the gear's rotation performance from heavy loads and shocks

  • The HAGANE Body is made of highly rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium. With its weight reduced to the limit, the HAGANE Body eliminates flex, warp, and distortion of the reel, allowing smooth reeling with little power loss. Furthermore, the highly rigid body protects the engagement of the HAGANE Gear and the Micromodule Gear System from shock, while maintaining smooth reeling. The metal body with refined functions shines with unquestionable beauty.

A thoughtful, beautiful reel.

The beauty is transmitted only from the refined functions. The reel silently emits an elegance that other reels do not have. “HAGANE” is a design concept which aims at eternally smooth reeling, You will be able to feel the functional beauty with your hands, which the embodiment of the design concept is reflected on.

Norio Tanabe


Norio Tanabe

HAGANE concept, Shimano's unique design.

My experience with Shimano reels goes back to around 1980. At that time, I was surprised to discover the first Japanese reels that outperformed foreign-made reels, which were popular in those days. Since then, I have been using Shimano reels for more than 30 years. My impression of Shimano reels has been that they are precise, extremely durable, and rigid because their gears and the main parts of their bodies are metal. Every model has the same basics; the concept of reel manufacturing does not seem to change at all. In my opinion, this is probably because Shimano believes that only pursuing the concept leads to a “catch,” the greatest pleasure for anglers. Fishing is a sport, and a reel is a tool. Tools with a long history have basic shapes. For example, there are no bats whose heads are smaller in diameter than the grips. Strangely enough, in the world of fishing, a cool appearance and new functions tend to be regarded as evolution, and because of this, anglers have difficulty in choosing proper reels. From my point of view, these tendencies are proof that many anglers do not see the true nature of reels. A reel is a tool for “fishing.” Every reel should be designed for this purpose. Shimano does not misjudge this principle. Shimano always sees the true nature of reels and pursues the optimum solution. I believe that these attitudes result in the reeling performance, strength, and beauty of Shimano reels. I believe that all the anglers who have used a Shimano reel once has felt these features. Shimano has released “HAGANE” which reflects this design concept. “HAGANE” is a deeply significant word that only Shimano, who have been seriously manufacturing reels for more than 40 years, can utter.
The word indicates the confidence nurtured through Shimano's unchanging attitudes and the determination that Shimano won't change their attitudes in the future. “HAGANE” implies the hope that something new will emerge.

Our goal : eternally smooth reeling.

No one but Shimano can achieve.